//Smart tips for choosing an excellent domain name

Smart tips for choosing an excellent domain name

Many business owners often assume that a domain name is merely an address for their website. However, it is more than that. According to analysts, a domain name is a unique identity which gives a digital image of a specific business enterprise. In simple terms, a domain name plays a similar role to a fingerprint in that it provides all the digital information and qualities of a specific business.

Consequently, there are a number of hidden factors which you must consider when searching for the right domain name. The following write-up takes a look at some of these factors and provides a detailed overview on how you can quickly make the right choice.

 Keep it short, but not too short

Shortness can easily help keep a domain name simple and at the same time memorable. However, too short can easily ruin everything. For example, compare ‘pastascience.com’ to pastasci.com’. While both names have somehow similar meanings, the latter is harder to pronounce and remember, despite the fact that it has fewer characters. The rule of thumb here is to strike and maintain a balance. While you go for something brief, ensure you pick an option that makes sense and is easy to remember.

 Avoid trademark, infringement and confusion

An ideal domain name is one that is unique and distinctive. It is not one that is easily confused with the name of another site or brand. Thus, when shopping for the right domain name, ensure you go for options that are not similar to the ones already existing. Needless to say, if your domain name infringes on a trademark, you can quickly end up in a court battle and in the process forced to surrender your domain name.

 Make it instantly intuitive

A good domain name should give visitors a broad idea of what your business is all about. For example, pastaperfected.com is an intuitive domain name for a website that talks about pasta. Ideally, when people grasp your websites’ concept just from your domain name, you can be sure that they will remember it and will make return visits when they have a need for your products or services.

 Use sensible keywords

While it is often good to have some interesting keywords in your domain name, its advisable to always avoid using exact match phrases since such a move can easily hurt your brand. For starters, many users often assume that such sites are spammy and of low quality and thus consider them when browsing. In addition, some time back, Google came up with new measures which focused on discouraging this spammy tacking of increasing site ranking.

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